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How do bond loans work in New South Wales?

  • Rental bond cannot be more than four weeks rent.
  • Higher bonds cannot be charged for tenants with pets or children.
  • A bond covers the tenancy of the whole property, not each individual tenant.
  • If a landlord agrees, the bond may be paid in instalments.
  • A landlord cannot request or receive additional bond payments (or ‘top-ups’) during the tenancy. The only exception is under Housing NSW issued tenancy guarantees. These guarantees help people with a limited or poor rental history to rent a place in the private rental market.
  • A landlord or agent cannot require that the bond be paid before signing the tenancy agreement. However, if the tenant wants to use Rental Bonds Online, they must lodge the bond with us before the agreement is signed.

Accurate at Feb 2024 – Source – New South Wales Government